Veronika Vasko

For over twenty years I’ve been experimenting with my body through conscious movement. Through the body I have increasingly discovered the nature of mind. My journey began with martial arts and reiki, later during my college years I became passionate about vinyasa flow yoga and simultaneously came in contact with Zen meditation.

In 2010 I completed my first training as a teacher, and in 2011 I became certified as "RYT 200" and then "E-RYT 200" (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) at the international body " Yoga Alliance International". In 2017 I completed my studies in India and received the certification "RYT-500"

In the following years I studied with international experts in the field of yoga and physiotherapy:

  • yoga for children
  • yoga therapy for the spine
  • postural yoga
  • functional anatomy

I studied the principles of Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Iyengar which I incorporated in my yoga practice. I also gained experience in Hatha Yoga and Bikram styles.

To expand my knowledge I studied Thai massage, ayurveda, Western massage and relaxation techniques.

As a yoga teacher I have the good fortune to work in different fields, bringing this beneficial activity to children in nursery and primary schools, to disabled children of co-ops and to company employees.

I work as a freelancer in Trieste, holding courses and seminars on yoga & posture.

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